Monday, September 10, 2018     

Technical Sessions, Day 1

**Student presenters. 

7:00    NEBRA Annual Meeting, over breakfast, Room 612/613                         
7:00    Breakfast, Rooms 606 & 607    
8:00    Welcome & Plenary Session - Room 603/604                                   
8:03    The Made-in-Canada Biosolids Network Initiative - Laurie Ford, Metro Vancouver  
8:10    Introducing Posters 
8:20    Keynote Address - Pam Elardo, MS, PE, New York City DEP                        

9:00    Tech Sessions 1, 2, & 3 (concurrent)
  Session 1: Nutrient Recovery - Room 605
Moderator: Gordon Price, Dalhousie University, Truro, NS

  • Nutrient Recovery from Digestates: Techniques and End-products - Céline Vaneeckhaute, Univ. Laval, Quebec (30 mins)
  • Enhanced Phosphorus Removal and Recovery and Sludge Dewaterability Optimization through Brushite and Struvite Precipitation - Gerhard Forstner, CNP - Technology Water & Biosolids Corp., Wisconsin (30 mins)

  Session 2: Residuals Success Stories I / WTR - Room 603/604
Moderator:  Tom Harz, Walker Environmental, Halifax, NS

  • Metro Vancouver’s Drinking Water Treatment Residuals – Innovative Options for Beneficial Use – Laurie Ford, Metro Vancouver and Laura Jefferies, Sylvis, British Columbia (30 mins)

  • Use of Water Treatment Residuals to Reduce the Risk of Phosphorus Run-Off from Agricultural Fields – Andrew Carpenter, Northern Tilth, Maine (30 mins)

  Session 3: Smaller Plant Solids Management Solutions - Room 612
    Moderator:  Tania Gheseger, Metro Vancouver, BC

  • Wastewater Treatment Upgrades and Biosolids Composting at TransAqua, Moncton - Conrad Allain, Transaqua (30 min)
  • Reduction of Indicator Organisms (E. Coli, Fecal streptococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa) in Dewatered Septage Using Geotube® Technology - Christine Gan, Kevin Bossy, Shelly Bonte-Gelok (30 min)

10:00    Health and Nutrition Break   -  Visit Posters in Lobby  -   Visit Trade Show

10:30    Tech Sessions 4 & 5 (concurrent)
  Session 4: Sustainable Strategies - Room 605
Moderator:  Morley Foy, Prince Edward Island Environment and Land, Charlottetown, PEI

  • Short-term Field Storage Assessment Approach for City of Winnipeg Biosolids - Darren Keam, WSP Canada Group Limited, Manitoba (30 mins)
  • Capillary Barrier Construction Using Municipal Biosolids for Management of Reactive Mine Wastes – Christopher Hey**, Carleton Univ., Ontario (20 mins)
  • Atlantic Canada’s Leading AD Operation: The Experience at Cavendish Farms, PEI - Darren Cash, Cavendish Farms, PEI (30 mins)
  • Recent Case Studies in Residuals Odour Management – Charlie Alix, Stantec, Massachusetts (30 mins)

  Session 5: Residuals Success Stories II - Room 603/604
    Moderator: Michael Payne, Black Lake Environmental, Sudbury, ON

  • Co-disposal of Gypsum Wallboard with Other Residuals to Reduce Sulphide Generation - Allison Mackay, Dalhousie Univ., Nova Scotia (30 mins)
  • The Versatility of Paper Mill Residuals as Soil Amendments – Eryka Reid, Resource Management, Inc., New Hampshire (20 mins)
  • Treatment of Acid-Generating Mine Tailings Using Different Types of Organic Waste - Sean Langley, Natural Resources Canada, Ontario (30 mins)
  • The Circle of Life: A Life Cycle Vision in Developing Green Sustainable Products from Irving Manufacturing Processes – Renée Morais, J.D. Irving Ltd., New Brunswick (30 mins)

12:20    Lunch -  Visit Posters in Lobby - Poster presenters will be there to answer your questions  -  Visit Trade Show

13:15    Tech Sessions 6 & 7 (concurrent)
  Session 6: Smaller-Scale Wastewater Sustainable Strategies - Room 605
    Moderator: Thomas Schwartz, Woodard and Curran, Portland, Maine

  • Evaluating the Sustainability of Sludge Handling in Small Wastewater Treatment Plants in Ontario – Gregg Archer** and Wayne Parker (presenting), Univ. of Waterloo, Ontario (30 mins)
  • The Secret Life of Septage – Ray Gordon, NH Dept. of Environmental Services, New Hampshire (30 mins)
  • Moving Toward Sustainable Resource Recovery at St. Thomas – Rick Mosher, Lystek, Ontario (30 mins)

  Session 7: Treatment Technologies - Room 603/604
    Moderator: Susheel Arora, Halifax Water, Halifax, NS

  • Converting Wastewater Treatment Plants Into Resource Recovery Facilities Using Anaergia’s Omnivore (TM) Technology - Ashwani Kumar, Anaergia (15 mins)

  • Hydrothermal Carbonization of Sewage Sludge from a Wastewater Treatment Plant - Bishnu Acharya and Ankita Shrestha**, University of Prince Edward Island, PEI (15 mins)
  • Industrial Application of the Combination of Odor Removal and Ammonia Recovery Case Study of SEMECS-Varennes Biomethanization and Composting Plant – Virginie Kreim, Vivek Nayak, and Pierre Mertens, CMI Environment, Illinois (15 mins)
  • Case Study of PONDUS TCHP Installation in Kenosha, WI Waste Water Treatment Plant - Sanjeev Verma, Centrisys, Wisconsin (15 mins)
  • How Piloting a Biosolids Composting Project Can Lead to a Successful Biosolids Management Program – Brian Fuchs, W. L. Gore Assocs., Maryland (30 mins)      

14:45    Health and Nutrition Break  -  Visit Posters in Lobby  -   Visit Trade Show

15:15    Tech Sessions 8, 9, & 10 (concurrent)
  Session 8: Public Understanding & Understanding the Public - Room 605
    Moderator: Lise LeBlanc, LP Consulting, Mount Uniacke, NS

  • A Biosolids Strategy for the Region of Waterloo: A Community Based Approach – Mike Thomson, Dillon Consulting Limited, Ontario (30 mins)
  • What's The Public Concerned About Now?  Recent Case Studies of Public Engagement on Biosolids – Ned Beecher, NEBRA, New Hampshire (30 mins)
  • Controversy, Community Conflict and Polarized Perceptions: Biosolids Management in the Thompson-Nicola Valley, BC - Sarah Mason-Renton, Lystek, Ontario (30 mins)

  Session 9: Research on Managing for Soil Health - Room 603/604
Moderator: Mike Van Ham, Sylvis Environmental Services, New Westminster, BC

  • Impact of High Frequency Biosolids Application on Soil Biological End-Points – Gordon Price, Dalhousie Univ., Nova Scotia (30 mins)
  • Evaluation of Seasonal Changes in Soil and Crop Nutrients in Fields Amended with Three Types of Municipal Biosolids - Zheya Lin**, Dalhousie Univ., Nova Scotia (30 mins)
  • Elevated Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Effects on Plant Nutrient Uptake in Two Soils Amended with an Alkaline Liquid Biosolids - Anjie Luo**, Dalhousie Univ., Nova Scotia (30 mins)

  Session 10: Simple Solids Management for Smaller Plants - Room 612
    Moderator:  Carl Yates, Halifax Water, Halifax, NS

  • Low-Cost Low-Tech Pilot Scale Results for Class A Biosolids Treatment – Karina Eyre**, Michigan Technological University, Michigan (30 mins)
  • Utilization of Mining Camp Biosolids for Carbon Sequestration and Revegetation Enhancement – Martha Hamre**, Sarah Ormel**, and Austin Bender,** Univ. of Guelph, Ontario (30 mins)
  • Innovations or Not in Biosolids Dewatering and Drying – Terry Goss, AECOM, North Carolina (30 mins)

16:45    End of Technical Sessions, Day 1

See Technical Sessions, Day 2.