Tuesday, September 11, 2018   

Technical Sessions, Day 2

**Student presenters                    

7:00    The Made-in-Canada Biosolids Network Initiative Meeting, over breakfast                           
7:00    Breakfast                                        
8:00    Welcome Back                                    
8:05    Keynote Address: How to achieve zero landfilling & maximum biosolids recovery? Lessons learned from the past & vision for the future... - Marc Hebert, Quebec

8:50    Tech Sessions 11 & 12 (concurrent)
  Session 11: Carbon Foot Print - Room 605
Moderator: Andrew Carpenter, Northern Tilth, Belfast, ME     

  • Soil Nitrogen Dynamics and Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Barley Fields Receiving Biosolids Application - Carmen Cecilia Roman Perez**, Univ. of Alberta, AB (20 mins)
  • Reduction of N2O emissions from Biosolids-amended Soil in Corn Agro-ecosystems - Ahammad Kamal**, McGill Univ., Quebec (15 mins)
  • Calibrating DNDC to Estimate Crop Yield and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Land-Applied Biosolids on Maize and Barley Fields in Canada - Okenna Okenna**, McGill Univ., Quebec (15 mins)
  • An Automated Gas-Flux Chamber System to Complement Manual Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Fluxes from Agricultural Soil – Liam Fitzpatrick**, McGill Univ., Quebec (15 mins)
  • Curbing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Co-digestion - Michael Theodoulou, Suez Water Technologies & Solutions, Ontario (25 mins)

  Session 12: Municipal Biosolids Programs - Room 603/604
    Moderator: Carl Yates, Halifax Water, Halifax, NS

  • Evaluation of Biosolids Master Planning with SWEET Case Studies – Tracy Chouinard, Brown and Caldwell, Massachusetts (20 mins)
  • Moving To Class A: New Programs at Hamilton, ON and Capital Regional District (Victoria) – Reuben Scholtens, Maple Reinders Group, Ontario (30 mins)
  • What You’re Contributing To Today: The Halifax Biosolids Management Program – Susheel Arora, Halifax Water, Nova Scotia (20 mins)
  • Five Years in: Anaerobic Digestion in Lewiston-Auburn, Maine – Clayton (Mac) Richardson, LAPWCA, Maine (20 mins)

10:20    Health and Nutrition Break                                

10:50    Plenary: Regulatory Panel Discussion (Federal, Provincial, & State representatives)
    Moderator: Michael Payne, Black Lake Environmental, Sudbury, ON
12:00    Plenary: Biosolids & Residuals End User Panel Discussion
    Moderators:  Lise LeBlanc, LP Consulting, Mt. Uniacke, NS and  Ned Beecher, NEBRA, Tamworth, NH                        

12:20    Lunch and Student Awards

13:15    Tech Sessions 13 & 14
  Session 13: Biosolids for Soil Health - Room 605
    Moderator: Misty Croney, LP Consulting, Mt. Uniacke, NS

  • Biosolids,  Biosolids Compost and Its Tea: Resources Too Good to Waste – Phil Warman, Coastal Bioagresearch Ltd., Nova Scotia (30 mins)
  • Can Alkaline-Treated Biosolids Be Effectively Used to Offset Calcium Deficits in Spruce Plantation Soils? – Kevin Keys, Nova Scotia Natural Resources, NS (30 mins)
  • Assessing Lystegro Biofertilizer Product Formulation on Soil Phosphorus Availability for Agricultural Crop Production – Samantha Halloran, Lystek, Ontario (30 mins)

  Session 14: Marketing and Distribution - Room 603/604
    Moderator: Mike Dougherty, Lystek, Cambridge, ON

  • Waste Residuals, A Resource in the Wrong Place: Identifying the Opportunities for Innovative Partnerships with Agriculture – Lise LeBlanc, LP Consulting, Mt. Uniacke, NS (30 mins)
  • Benefits of Working with Ag-service Providers for Successful Biosolids/Residuals Agricultural Land Application Programs – Tim Fisher, Truro Agromart, Nova Scotia (30 mins)
  • Let's Make a Deal: The Important Transaction Between the Biosolids Manager and the Farmer – Simon Naylor, Viridis Environnement, Quebec (30 mins)

14:45    Health and Nutrition Break       

15:15    Tech Sessions 15 & 16
  Session 15: Biosolids Programs Yielding CFIA Certified Fertilizers - Room 605
Moderator: Michael Payne, Black Lake Environmental, Sudbury, ON

  • Veolia Nutri-Pel – Paul Purser, Veolia (30 mins)
  • From Problem to Product: How the N-Viro Process Has Been Used to Create Successful Biosolids Programs Across Canada – Geoff Boyd, Walker Environmental, Ontario (30 mins)
  • Successful Marketing Strategies for a Biosolids Fertilizer: BMPs, Nutrient Stewardship and Third-party Agronomic Trials – Mike Dougherty, Lystek, Ontario (30 mins)

  Session 16: Emerging Contaminants - Room 603/604
Moderator: O.S. (Arasu) Thirunavukkarasu, Saskatchewan Water Security Agency, Moose Jaw, SK

  • Waste Emissions in Canada's National Inventory Report: Current Status and Future Needs - Duane Smith, Environment Canada, Quebec (30 mins)
  • Modelling Fate and Transport of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) in Soils and Soils Receiving Land-applied Alkaline-treated Biosolids in Nova Scotia - Weixi Shu**, Dalhousie Univ., Nova Scotia (20 mins)
  • Comparing Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Acid (PFAAs) Concentrations and Leachability Between Commercial Biosolids-based and Non-biosolids Waste-derived Fertilizers – Rooney Kim Lazcano, Purdue Univ., Indiana (25 mins)
  • PFAS & Biosolids & Residuals: An Update – NEBRA, New Hampshire (15 mins)

16:45    Technical Sessions Complete

See Technical Sessions, Day 1.